Our Lady of Monterrey

On September 20th, 1596 Diego de Montemayor founded a town and named it “Ciudad de Nuestra Señora de Monterrey” (Our Lady of Monterrey city) and assigned an area to be the Mayor Church which will be dedicated to the Immaculate Conception and Anuntiation.
 So then, the city as well as this church had been always under the auspice of the Blessed Virgin.

The origin of the Avocation of “Our Lady of Monterrey” still remains as a very debatable theme by the historians but the image that preside the cathedral is known with this name to these days.

It is an image very antique and it is unknown when it was accomplished neither by whom.

On September 19th 1996 was crowned by a pontifical command. The crown the Virgin wears was made of gold, silver and precious gems.

Murals from Zárraga

Ángel Zárraga (Durango, 1886-México City, 1945). Studied and accomplished most part of his work in Europe. Between 1942 and 1945 he worked out on the murals paintings of the Cathedral presbytery. These works were requested by the seventh Archbishop, Servant of God, Guillermo Tritschler y Córdova, who was a well knower of art. Enough is to remember that he was who authorized the construction of the “Basílica de la Purísima” here in our city.

The murals paintings in the apse are: in the Roof “Beatitudes of Christ´s Sermon on the Mount”; in the apse “Glorification of Mary under the Trinity Mystery”; in the North wall "The missionary evangelization of the “Nuevo Reino de León” and in the South wall: “The Gospel Miracles”. In this two last ones, Zárraga related biblical passages with northwest scenes.