Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament

Painting of the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe (XVIII century). Stairs which gives access to the crypt (closed to the public) where several bishops are buried, as well as the mortal remains of Father Jardón.

High altar

The magnificent silver frontal date from first half of the XIX century. 

Crucified Altar

The painting is from the middle of XX century.

Consecration plaque of the Cathedral

This took effect on a ceremony the 4th of June, 1833.

Virgin of Guadalupe Altar


The image date from 1872 and the silver crown is a copy of the crown the Blessed Virgin wears in the image that is at the Tepeyac basilica in Mexico City. At her left side, there is an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, this sculpture was brought from France around the year of 1922.

Carmen´s Virgin Altar

Image from the first quarter of  XX century. By centuries the Virgen del Roble (Our Lady of the Oak)patron saint of the city, was in this altar.

Saint Joseph Altar

This beautiful image date from later quarter of XVIII century. Saint Joseph is holding in his arms Jesus baby helped by an angel.

Large chandeliers

Date from first quarter of XX century.

Souls in Purgatory Altar


Painting from the end of XIX century or beginning of XX century.

Saint Eduviges Altar


This image is from the beginning of XX century. Nearby and on top of the confessionary there is a painting entitled “Señor de los Azotes” (end of the XIX or beginning of XX century).       

Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer Altar

Dedicated in 2001.

The Organ

The organ was brought from France, end of the XIX century.