North Facade

Data de mediados del siglo XIX, posee un estilo neoclásico popular. Todas las puertas de madera de Catedral datan del último cuarto del siglo XIX.

Clock Tower


The tower was built around 1817 and the clock probably dates from the end of XIX century.

Main facade


It’s decoration was finished around 1790 - 1800. It is a masterpiece of a popular baroque style, handmade by the natives. According to a recent interpretation theory, the theme of the main facade (which was not at all finished) would be the Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin. At the upside, the Annunciation passage could be related with the Adam and Eve paradise after the original sin: we see them only as two faces behind the underbrush surrounded by some animals in the paradise: a tiger, a rabbit and two birds.

Tower of the bells


It was finished in 1899, the style is neo-classical.

South Facade

It was decorated at the same time of the main facade. According with the same thesis, previously mentioned, this portal (also unfinished) would have as a theme the Immaculate Conception. The small flower which appears in the middle of the central shield would be the Blessed Virgin (scarcely conceived). The upper face (underneath the cross) would be the Lord giving abundantly blesses to her favourite daughter.