The Sacrarium Chapel (opens only when a Mass is celebrated) was built at the middle of XIX century; it holds up a total reformation between the end decade of XIX century and first decade of XX century. It has only one aisle. At the upper side of the apse there is an image of Christ the King (first quarter of XX century). His stained glasses contain Eucharistic compositions. There´s a Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross, last quarter of the XIX century).

























Glory´s Door


Remarkable masterpiece located in front of the main door of the Sacrarium. It was placed there to commemorate the first anniversary (1991) of the second visit of Pope John Paul II to Monterrey (1990). This work was done by the well known artist born in Monterrey Fidias Elizondo (1891-1979) who, among many of other masterpieces, is the author of the monumental sculpture of Christ the King located at the Cubilete in the State of Guanajuato, México. The panels of the doors contain some images of the life of Christ, in addition to images of the glory of heaven: Fa-ther God in his throne, surrounded by glorified saints which are part of the celestial court and the souls who are taken to the divine presence, among other things.