During a couple of centuries it was the city cemetery; the bars and brick pavement belong to the end of XIX century.


(Closed to the public). It is at present the area where the ornaments of the priests and the implements for celebrations are kept. Also in this area, time ago, there were buried some of the bi-shops. According with some of the chroniclers, this was the place where the surrender of the city was signed against the invasion of the United States troops. Here are kept some valuable paintings.

Sala Capitular

(Closed to the public). Originally this hall served to the Cathedral Council. Inside has a large gallery of paintings of Sovereign Pontiffs, Bishops and Archbishops of Monterrey in addition of some masterpieces.

Building of the Archbishop Curia

Presently are the offices of the Archbishop and his Assistant Bi-shops.


Where the garden is now, years ago was the place where the first Seminary of Monterrey was founded (1792) and were the house and offices of some bishops. Now in the middle of the garden is a sculpture of Father Raymundo Jardón, Servant of God, who is in process of canonization. He was in charge of the Cathedral during 23 years and die in 1934.