Year of the foundation of the city; it is given an area for the construction of the Mayor Church. This area was nearby the spring eye, north to the actual Cathedral. The “Mayor Church” probably was only a room with a roof of branches.

Due to a great overflow, the population moves to a better land and it is assigned another area for the church, it is unknown the exact location nei-ther how it looked like.

It is raised up canonically the Parish of Monterrey and it is given an area to begin the construction; this area is where the Cathedral is at present.

It is considered that the construction had been deficient and in a session with the civil authorities it was approved to start a new building which will become the definitive and actual Cathedral.

The Diocese of Linares is raised up, but will never be the episcopal see in that city. The Cathedral of the new diocese was the Linares parish.

In that year arrives to Monterrey the first bishop of Linares. He never reaches Linares because after a few days of his arrival he dies and is buried in Monterrey.

The Viceroy declares the Parish of Monterrey as the interim Cathedral of the diocese of Linares.

In that year the construction of the Cathedral is finished except for the main and south facades and the tower of the bells.

Being the interim, it was declared officially as the real Cathedral of the diocese of Linares.

(Around that year) The conclusion of the two facades (main and south) are done as well as the first body of the tower of the bells.

The Cathedral served as warehouse and headquarters for the heroic defense of the city against the United States troops.

The Diocese of Linares is raised up to the rank of Archidiocese, and his guide now will have the title of Archbishop.

The tower of the bells is finished.

The Pope John Paul II visits the Cathedral and prays in front of the most Holy Sacrament.